Why TV?

We’re sure that all of you have heard the phrase, “The Golden Age of Television” more than once over the past decade. It’s definitely a title not without merit, as TV has gone from a simple pastime that people used to unwind and zone out at the end of a busy day into an art form that is now arguably competing with blockbusters and even highly acclaimed indie flicks.TV has also evolved to become something that can be enjoyed whenever you like, wherever you like. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are available on all types of mobile devices, meaning that you can watch your favourite shows from your tablet at work (though we don’t recommend this!) or on your phone during a long commute. Not only do these streaming services showcase all the hottest shows being produced currently, but they’ve all begun to produce their own originals, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Sense8, House of Cards and Transparent. These shows are all notably high-quality and political in tone, further touching upon the fact that TV has become a mirror to which we can hold up society and critique it.There is so much out there to keep track of, which is why we hope that you’ll find this website helpful when keeping up with the latest news about Arrow, Homeland, Big Bang Theory… etc.

Mad About Movies

Although many people complain that there’s nothing out there to watch on the big screen these days, we couldn’t disagree more. The world of film has constantly been expanding over the past 20 years or so to include more genres and modernise the ones previously existing. Marvel has made the cinematic shared universe a 21st century phenomenon with which other studios and producers are struggling to compete; and if superheroes aren’t for you, we care just as much about the less flashy stuff and follow young and new directors and artists on the scene. We want to keep the site’s content as varied as possible and filter through everything in the movie world to bring you the most interesting movies being made currently.